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Bendik Viking Laland ‐ BAVL © 1995. All, rights: Reserved.

detail : u-Help donor, for Red Cross & UNICEF.


The, detail: Logo type.

The, “detail: Logo, type.”

The detail manuals, are free: Start ups. Yet BAVL, must be: Informed of any, eventual start up. BAVL must have, access to: All transcriptions. And BAVL, will be: Monitoring and inspecting, the accounting data. Maximal salary, to any detail recruit is: 25'000 NOK / 2'500 € @ yr 2015 valuta. If this, sounds interesting. Then, you may: Proceed, to the “contact page.”

Invention portfolio.

Bendik, has been: Living, together with he's art. Therefore, he have: Discovered & invented, numerous of industrial projects. The documents, are being: Published, to u-Countries with relative potensial. If, the planned industry: Would, start up. It would, only be: From BAVL ‐ detail.pdf. Including, the written: Copyrights.

Bendik did, unfortunately become: “Framed,” in 2013. Probably, because of the: detail.pdf document.

2011 / 2018 © BAVL : detail.pdf ‐ Working & theoretic practice, for u-Help.

VELOPT : research, of inventive formulas.


The, VELOPT: Logo type.

The, “VELOPT: Logo type.”

Research: Project, reports.

This is, Bendik's: Work of, a life time. Outstanding, research. Innovation, of: Future technologies. Research, on: Innovation technology & artificial, intelligence.

Bendik does, still owns: Part rights, to the VELOPT formula. Yet some documents, have been sold to the: Norwegian Research Council, and related institutes in 2013.

The BAVL : VELOPT ‐ project, is enabled as a chain generative engine. In, the BAVL : art, forms. There are, certain: Restrictions & regulations, to the veloptive chain engine. These, are: Explained further, down on this page.

2009 / 2013 / 2015 © BAVL : research reports, of the formula projects: “VELOPT.”

BAVL : about, CV & resumé.


The, BAVL: Logo type.

The, “BAVL: Logo type.”

Resumé, text : about / CV.

The, mentioned: Artistic prestige, and the glam honour. Is, what: BAVL are being, inscribed under. This, text was: Firstly written, in © 2013.

2002 / 2015 / 2018 © BAVL : CV / Resumé / About.

BAVL : Abstract Graffiti, Psychedelia.


The, BAVL: Logo type.

The, “BAVL: Logo type.”

Artistic, science: Gallery.

Bendik, has been: Drawing, and painting. Since: 1988. Yet the drawings where presented, as true art. Firstly, in: 1995. Bendik did know, that: He were going, to be an artist. Long, before: That. Later he has, exhibited at: Various, galleries.

The, BAVL : detail ‐ Inventive Project, is sponsored by the: “BAVL ‐ VELOPT,” science.

The, BAVL : veloptive & artistic, research. Is only, available for: “detail.pdf ‐ ”

In case, a certified u-Help: Donor, is requiring “the veloptive art & science ‐ engine.” Then, BAVL: Enables innovation & invention, for full chain generation. This is, an: Innovative, class of art. Other exeptions, outside of the: BAVL ‐ restricted censorship, is other research institutes.

Bendik is, making: “Abstract Graffiti, Psychedelia. He is, inspired from: Invention & innovation.” Finally, in: 2011. He's art, proved to be: Innovative & inventive.

1995 / 2018 © BAVL : science art gallery, Abstract Graffiti Psychedelia.

Wonder : styled cladding, for buildings.


The, Wonder: Logo type.

The, “Wonder: Logo type.”

House: Cladding.

The, Wonder: Cladding project. Are to establish, aesthetics in: Construction. It was, BAVL: Alone that, came up. With, the: Solution.

The Wonder ‐ project, solves the problem. About a, reasonable way to: Construct organic, housing facades. Wonder provides, swift & pure: Shapes. For any, sized: Building. Simply for the: Strict & aesthetic, needs.

Bendik did leave, the project in: 2011.

2008 / 2010 © BAVL : Wonder ‐ Styled & organic, house cladding. Detail ‐ Paragraph 001.

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