Grades in speed, before the: Line, drops dead. “x. # 1 / x. # 2 / x. # 3.”

BAVL : design & redesign.

Logo / Art / Web.

Minimal hints, for: Element & organ stasis, in a single component by unit.

“Logoism & etiquette emblems” / “Book or album, art: Covers” / “Strict, web: HTML 5 & CSS 3, layout.”

Bendik knows, how to give the: Bone hard, product critique. That eventually, highlights the: Services most positive sides, into product presentation. Bendik has for example, designed the following web site: “” And Bendik, did of course: Design this web site, also.

Logo types © 2009 ‐ 2019.

Standard & clear: Design.

Bendik does favor, the standard: BAUHAUS, simple style. When he, makes: Logoes & emblems. It has to be with, the most: Minimalistic sort, of genious symbolism & assembly.

  • LTEB -
logo type.
    los Terroristos el Bomberos.

    LTEB,” png: Logo, type © 2019.

  • The, Anti Bank:
Logo type.
    Chains of Lead Bolt, from the: Hellish & Deep Occult, Catacomb & Ashen Tundra.

    Anti Bank,” png: Logo, type © 2019.

  • The, BIR:
Logo type.
    Half Birdy & Dub Ratch, in with the: “Cream Fresh Easy Living,” in the Exotic Gardens.

    Soft, in the: Ass,” png: Logo, type © 2018.

  • The, c&8989;W35:
Logo type # 1.The, c&8989;W35: Logo type # 2.The, c&8989;W35: Logo type # 3.
    Symmetry, of the: céW35 ‐ Character & Graffiti, Innovative & Inventive Deriviality.

    céW35,” png: Logo, type © 2018.

  • The, Kjatz and Tjose:
Logo type.
    Dount & Dount: Jiple from the Prime, Free Limit & Life Dunst beyond Death.

    Kjatz & Tjose,” png: Logo, type © 2018.

  • The, Skivegnukk:
Logo type.
    Platoon, multigraphics : E / G / N / U ‐ Overlappings & Minimal, Quality.

    Skivegnukk,” png: Logo, type © 2018.

  • The, HoleToilet:
Logo type.
    Health Step, Down & Out once and for: All, by Survival & Sustainability.

    HoleToilet,” png: Logo, type © 2017.

  • The, dhjee'dhjay electroShaman:
Logo type.
    Luck Leaf, of the: Tribesmanship & Reason, Potensial.

    dhjee'dhjay electroShaman,” png: Logo, type © 2011.

  • The, detail:
Logo type.
    Spring, Fond & Innovaton / Invention: Portfolio & Resume / CV.

    detail,” png: Logo, type © 2010.

  • The, VELOPT:
Logo type.
    Veloptive Key, and: Mirror Scan in a Bulb & Plastic, Light Session.

    VELOPT,” png: Logo, type © 2009.

  • The, BAVL:
Logo type 01.The, BAVL:
Logo type 02.
    Rune, Figurine Stasis.

    BAVL,” png: Logo, type © 2009.

    Launch, the “BAVL:” PDF, design scheme & manual sheet.

  • The, Wonder:
Logo type.
    Bell Tower, strictly by the: Dangers, of Colours.

    Wonder,” png: Logo, type © 2008.

  • Sissik:
Logo type.

    Sysselsessaksess,” png: Logo, type © 2007.

dhjee'dhjay electroShaman ‐ Album Label, Art & Design © 2013 ‐ 2019.

Vinyl, label: Art.

The dhjee'dhjay electroShaman, dated releases is: Replica, only. Simply because, the originals did not: Work out, completely. The dated releases, is meant as being: Edited, for artificial perfection.

BAVL : contact methods.

Contact methods. Write, a: Message, to Bendik. / Recruit Bendik, for: Artistic research & scientific, practice.

Millenium: “Wand, Breaker”

“The, silent: Wanderer, tables…”

Years: # 0'000 / # 0'200. -Hasheesh.

The silent wanderer “El Turbo,” hut: Down ´at, the “Boogha Shjuip,” Pond Innstallation. -Stoned Free & Charging up, in with the Heavy and Gathering Weight upon: Landing on a solid “Rocky Peak, in Height.” Bringing, the: World Forth, with Back Steps. Ancient, shamanic Tribeshold & Tribesmanship of: Task Mastery & Revival, of Ritualism. -Art & Dexterity, to: “Practice, all Status.” Harpix crystals & oils, of the: “Essence & finesse, from the giant & stoned carvings.” Rotation & circular spin, finally into the more: Variable & total, global cycle. All across, over the: “Amazon Jungle, Ancient Forest.”

Years: # 0'200 / # 0'400. -DMT.

The silent wanderer “Sála Löne,” tossed: Down ´at, the: “Squip Squábe,” Party. -Lushing, Breaked, in & out of: “Shanga seats.” Being in, with the: Sensitive, Mind Travel. -Not a, word to: Be spoken. Member of most time, and Experience as “being: Reilluminating, in History Room & Space.” Spread, of the: Bright & flaring, flamingo tracks. “Bursting hope, as faith” in the: Dark & dead, shallow grave holes. All across, over the: “Heavy Indic, Soil Steppes.”

Years: # 0'400 / # 0'600. -Opium.

The silent wanderer “Alládin,” went: Down ´at, the: “Bongo Blitz,” Townsmanship. -With a Jar of the Heavy & Warm, Dross & Tar and as being: “Igniting & Inhaling, with some Burnt Khăki Resin.” -Drop into the Fuzz, Melt Down & “Drain from the: Pouring Ebb & Ritual Core, onto Mass Unload.” Flight of, the seven: “Peacock, birds.” By, heavy & winged: Plunge, loops. I need to wash up, in these: Muddy waters, once again. All across, over the: “Turkish Sand & Dune, Banks.”

Years: # 0'600 / # 0'800. -Alcohol.

The silent wanderer “Thor Vike,” ran: Down ´at, the: “Valhalla Fort, Joint Rosary.” -Delight each other, as being open within the: Naked & Torn, as “Energy Stunting & Joy Dance.” -Love & Romance, Viva l´aé: “Moisture of, the Sature & Heretic Hunks.” Unlocking with, the violence as of a: Thundering, fury & rage. From, the: “Heretic & heathen, berserker frenzy.” All across, over the: “Tundra Ground, Waste Lands.”

Years: # 0'800 / # 1'000. -Psilocybe.

The silent wanderer,´ “Yorimitzhu ´Hashimoto” rolled: Down ´at, the: “Jolly Zen, Shroomery.” -Streaming Upsurge, in Rank while: Dwelling in with the “Pompouse, Happy Vote & Visual Rate.” -Liquid Fire, Crackeling with the: Slow Unlocking of the “Positive Magic, Life & High Melter.” Evil devilry, as in with the: Satanic mass & occult, strength of ritualism. All across, over the: “Legendary Dynasty, Mountains.”

Years: # 1'000 / # 1'200. -Cocaine.

The silent wanderer “Aleane Moon,” moved: Down ´at, the: “Castle Wildwood, of City Might.” -Simplifying in with the Aspects being “Breaking up, with the: Organic & Natural,” by setting sail. And lets all, Pop some: “Diamond dust, for the whole sensation.” While, the proclaimed: Shot & theatral, height. As in, with the: Charmeleon skin, as ray burst & wuthered misty peaks. By, the night: Chill of the “frozen, ice shelter & coven.” Onto climbing, to the top of a: Snow mountain, inside of a blizzard hURL. All across, over the: “Timber Land, Irish Fields.”

Years: # 1'200 / # 1'400. -Absinth.

The silent wanderer “Frederiqűe Antiqūe,” rid: Down ´at, the: “Obscuratory of Medieval, Clock Towers.” -Space, said: “Eye be Instant, to Flux the Flood Fuse.” -May i just, break: “Once more as a Diffused Spark, inside of the Void with Fog & Cloudy Mists?” Coloured, by a: Toxin of bright & gloom, green shade. Drizzles with pumping pressure & release, out from the: “Contrapeze, heavy horn.” As, the remaining: Damp blaze, are fired up. All across, over the: “Baroque Adorn, Heavy Grace.”

Years: # 1'400 / # 1'600. -Amphetamine.

The silent wanderer “Elastus Dupsy,” fumbled: Down ´at, the “Adel & Ownership: Empty hospits as of, being Junk Waste.” -Keep on, walking further across: “All Borders to Reach, within the Sharp Absolution.” -Land Cuts, of Death & Reminiscent: Wake in, the guardian: Spear towers & the hillside, mansion. Onto, within: Clear & pure, daylight insomnia. “Close to the, Rainbow Luck & High Genious Performance.” All across, over the: “Renessance, New Bay Area.”

Years: # 1'600 / # 1'800. -Heroin.

The silent wanderer “Johnny Roger,” drove: Down ´at, the: “Fluorescent & Psychoactive and: Predictive in, with the: “Custom, Relation & Effect.” -Science, Unfolding Frank Folk to: Keep on by Rocking Hard, in with the “Earth Oil & Tense Powder.” -Reaching out, to the Absolute: “Pipe Generation, of Decade Balance.” All across, over the: “Roads of the, Modern Enlightment.” ...Then the Wanderer: Sat, down. And said, Innocently: -What if the Portal Guardian, would say that: I am Dancing, with the “Television Freeze & King Zappa?”

Years: # 1'800 / # 2'000. -LSD.

The silent wanderer “Frank Zappa,” clumped: Down ´at, the “Alfa Lysergia Trip & Paradisiacal Channel,” and with the Spaced Light Room. -The space, said: “Eye be Infinite, in Mirroring Symmetry.” -As an Energic & Potent Liquid Drop, of Times Reilluminating or being Predicted as in with a: “Lapse Flow & History Analysis, of the Consuming & Down Falling Expansion.” All across, over the “Eternal & Future: Haze Tunnel” by a Perfect, Point of Exit & Wave Boost.

Date, created: 2018-05-11.

Date, published: 2018-05-11.

Date, modifyed:2018-05-11.

Publisher: BAVL : Bendik Aurbakken Viking Laland.

BAVL : about page.

About, Bendik / CV & resumé. Artistic & scientific, history of: “Bendik Viking Laland.”